Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Sorry the picture did not go thru the first time. Just made these for three girls.
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Thanksgiving cupcakes

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be thinking about my family in Georgia.

Friday, November 21, 2008

snowman shirts

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snowman shirts

I made these shirts for the girls to wear this winter. I thought they turned out cute.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

spoke too soon

I guess i spoke too soon. Caroline, Kayleen and I now have the stomache flu. The girls keep saying "this is no fun." I will agree with them. One person is left in the house so watch out Nathan. We are all just laying around. Hope none of you all get this it is bad. Take care

Monday, November 17, 2008


Allie woke up about 1:30 last night sick to her tummy. I was up with her every 15 mintues until 6:00 this morning. Let hope the rest of us DO NOT get it. Poor thing not able to keep anything down today. Hope she is better tommorrow.
We are doing well and had a relaxing weekend at home. Friday night Nathan, Caroline, Kayleen and Uncle Scott went camping in our backyard. They had another camp fire and the girls love doing smores. Saturday morning Nathan's parents came over and had breakfast with us which was fun since we never seem to do that much. Hope to find you all well and have a great weekend. Hope to post pictures soon.

Friday, October 31, 2008

We went trick or treating tonight and the girls could have kept going. What are we going to do with all the candy? We don't need it at all. Aunt Rachel is here visting so we decided to have bon fire with the girls. It was so much fun. The girls gathered sticks all week and then they help me gather rocks to make a area for a bon fire. I guess we have a place for a bon fire this winter. THe girls are loving having Aunt Rachel here and so are Nathan and I. Have a great weekend!!
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Nathan and I took our three girls plus two of their friends to a pumkin patch. They had so much fun!!
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A good friend of mine made this dress for Allie. The cookies I made for the girls to take to class on Friday It is pie crust with choc chips and peanut butter chips. YOu cut out with the leaf cookie cutter and this fill each with the chips and put another crust layer on top. After that spread egg on top with sugar and bake at 375 for 12 mintues. Very easy the idea came from
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Clip boards for convention!
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Fall Shirts

Now I have Allie and all three girls together.
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I made these shirts for the girls today. Allie has one but she is at MDO so i will take a picture of her this afternoon.
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Monday, October 13, 2008

Crazy months and days

I am finally sitting down to give you a update around my house. I have recovered very good and am feeling very good. It was wonderful having help with the girls and now I have them to myself. I told Nathan that he spoiled me by taking and picking them up from school everyday. I say he should still do it at least twice a week. I feel like I have taken things slow around here but everyone says I need to slow down. How can I do that with three girls. My Tuesdays and thursdays are very nice because Allie now goes to Mother's Day out from 9:00 to 2:30. I am loving having sometime to myself. Allie loves her days at MDO so that makes it nice also.
I will have to say I am like Tamara and am not a morning person. I hate alarm clocks but set it anyway. When it goes off I am mad and go push the snooze button about three times before I get up. I get myself in a happy mood and wake up Caroline and Kayleen. Let you know Allie has came downstairs at 6:30 and says "GOOD MORNING MOMMY" and ready to go. I am like Lay down Allie let mommy wake up. Caroline and Kayleen wake up and make their beds up and gets dress with not alot of problems. They come downstairs with no problems so maybe Mommy needs to learn some lessons. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

7 things about me!!

1. I love being a mom and have enjoyed this summer with the girls.
2. I do not like to do laundry and iron.
3. I love to cook and it is starting to be fun to do with the girls.
4. When Nathan is out of town I stay awake all night long. I hear every sound and think about everything that could go wrong.
5. I just had surgery last wed. and I have no pain. I am excited about that.
6. One of the lowest times in my life is when i got West Nile virus and had to learn how to walk again. Glad that is over and can smile about it.
7. I have a months worth of food in my freezer to use when my mom leaves. Since girls start school tommorrow it will help with afternoon homework time.

I can not think about seven people right this second.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy Summer

This summer has gone by so fast. We have been very busy going to the pool and having friends over to play. We went to the rodeo last friday and the girls had so much fun. Great place to take the kids. This friday we are taking Caroline and Kayleen to six flags for the first time. They are excited and want to ride the big rides so we will see how it goes. This saturday we are having Nathan's birthday with his family. I am also potty training Allie which she seems to be doing good most of the days. Almost their and I am so excited. The girls school starts Aug. 18th so we need to enjoy the next couple of weeks. I am having surgery Aug. 15th and will not be able to do anything or lift anything for eight weeks. How much fun does that sound. So I will be getting lots of help with the girls. They found pre-cancer in my uterius so I am getting that removed. I am glad we found it early and know it will all be fine. Take care this week. Alison

Thursday, July 10, 2008

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Family trip

We have been very busy this summer. My family (Alison's) got together over the 4th and meet at a beach in forida. We had so much fun and hated to leave everyone. We already can not wait to get together again. The girls love to be with their cousins.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I have not forgotten!!!

We have been busy, busy and more busy around our house. Two weekends ago Nathan and I went to Carlsbad, CA and had a wonderful relaxing afternoon. They say when everthing is calm you are about to hit a storm and I believe we did this past week. All three girls have been taking swimming lessons so that has keep me busy. Last weekend we went with another family to Nathan's grandparents lakehouse which the girls loved. They actually got in the tube and let us pull them by the boat which is a big step. We also have a pool and beach area to go to which is hard to get the girls away from since it is so much fun. Tommorrow is Caroline and Kayleen's last day of school. They are so excited to be able to play and swim all day. Nathan and I have found out we do not have to go to far for the girls to have fun on vacation. All they want is their parents attention, playtime and pool. We are looking forward to vaction with my family in july. Hope I can post pictures soon.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

camping, kids play and mother's day

For the past several months the girls have been begging their dad to take them camping. This past friday night Nathan, Caroline and Kayleen went camping. They set up a spot by the creek in the woods at their Grandparents place. Allie and I joined them for supper and smores. The girls and Nathan actually sleep all night without hearing all the animals. Allie and I joined them again for breakfast but it was fixed at the house by Uncle Scott.

On saturday afternoon we meet up with some friends of ours to watch a childrens play. At the Dallas Children Theatre they had the play "If You Give A Pig A Pary". The girls thought the play was so funny. Great to see them have so much fun. After the play we went out for ice cream sandwiches.

Our weekend ends with a wonderful day of celebrating mothers. First, Nathan and the girls made me waffles with strawberries and whipcream. We joined Nathan's family for lunch which is always nice to be with family. After lunch we came home and relaxed. The girls and I baked and decorated some sugar cookies. Kayleen tells me they are the best sugar cookies she has ever had. I actually made them from scratch.

Thank you Mom for being a wonderful mother to us kids and showing us love in the home. You are still their for us each day and now the grandkids see the same love in your life. Hope I can remember the love I need to show my own three daughters. Happy Mother's Day to all the Wonderful Mothers!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Full Weekend

THe girls and I had fun at cousin Jacob's birthday party on saturday. It is always nice to be with family. I have posted alot of pictures not in the correct order. More to show later.

Full Weekend