Tuesday, April 22, 2008

After Surgery

After surgery

Kayleen going home

Feeling well enought to play in Nanny's shoes

Caroline under the weather

Papa and Nanny leaving, Papa gave us money to go to the toy store to help the pain of them leaving.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

end of the tunnel

What a week!!! I took Kayleen to the NET doctor yesterday and he said that everything looks good. He did listen to her lungs and it still sounded bad so he added another antbotic to the ones she is taking. She seems so much better today and sounds like it is clearing up finally. So I hope this means we are on the mend FINALLY!! She will not go to school the rest of this week just to make sure it is all cleared up.

Caroline seems to have the Texas sinus stuff but seems to be feeling much better. Finally no fever for 24 hours. BACK TO SCHOOL tommorrow. Do I seem ready or what!!!

Allie seems to be the same as Caroline but the Dr. would not give her anything today. Hope it clears up if not back to the dr. friday. She seems fine as long as I keep the fever down.

I believe Nathan and I could buy stock in Motrin and Tylenol. We have gone thru two bottles each between all three girls.

I am so glad dad and mom were here last week to help. Their were many tears when they left with the girls, which made me have tears to see the girls so upset. They asked me why do they have to live so far away? Kayleen really did try to pack herself in the suitcase. They all love to go to Georgia to play with cousins. We are looking so forward to family time at the beach.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tonsils, sick, and Nanny & Pappa visiting

Kayleen had her tonsils out last Thursday. Everything went well and she didn't even know she had her tonsils out. She asked later in the day "Did I have my tonsils out?" But...it was all to good to be true. She has had a 104 fever and now has pneumonia. Her fever has gone down but she feels terrible because of the virus and not being able to eat. I am hoping to get her to the Dr. today and see what they say. Lets get her on the mend!!!! :(

Caroline has the virus also and is running a fever. Lets hope that is all she gets and it doesn't turn into anything else.

Allie is coughing and doesn't sound well herself!!!!

The bright side of things is that my parents are here!!!! Mom came last Wed. so that she would be here for the surgery and Dad came this weekend. They are to leave tomorrow!:( Maybe, we can get Nanny for a few more days. They girls have been having fun with them here in spite of all the sickness.

I will keep you posted on our recovery and hopefully soon I can get some pictures up on the blog.