Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Valentine idea

I have been doing this project with the girls today for their class. Thought I would share the idea I think it is so cute. Alison

Monday, January 28, 2008

Busy week

I will have to agree with Tamara a full moon or what. Our week started off that away. Last Sunday Kayleen woke up with a fever it ran until Thursday. Allie on Tuesday would not stop crying and keep pulling at her ears so off to the doctor we go and she had ear infection. Allie never ran a fever. On Wed. I had a dentist appt. so i met up with a friend and handed Allie over to her so that She could play with her friend. I then meet them back at the mall and we had lunch together at the American Girl Bistro. It was to cute seeing two little girls having fun talking and eating together. On saturday we meet up with a family for lunch in Dallas and then the girls and I went with this family to see a play called "Goodnight Moon". THe girls thought it was funny and loved seeing the play and of course want to go see another one. THe Dallas Children Theatre will have one in may call "If you give a pig a party" so I have already told them we could go. Needless to say i am glad to stay home today and relax. Have a great week.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cold and restful weekend

Anyone is welcome to help me figure out the picture posting. Nathan and I tried to put some pictures up but were not successful. We will keep working on it. Friday night after supper we played games with the girls and I served them hot chocolate. THey were so excited Kayleen took a big sip before I could remind her to blow on it and she burned her bottom lip. I felt so bad for her and now she has a blister. On saturday we had two families over for supper and the kids had so much fun together and we adults had a great time visiting. On sunday Kayleen woke up with a fever so off to prima care after lunch and she has strip throat. This was not Kayleen's weekend. Caroline had school this morning and she was so excited to be able to help out getting Kayleen's make-up work. On the way home this morning Kayleen keeped coughing and Allie spoke up and said "are you ok". I was very surprised and it sure made Kayleen smile. Everyone stay warm and have a wonderful week.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Quiet Weekend

Nathan and I had a very relaxing weekend. On Friday afternoon I meet up with Laura Potter in Waco and handed Caroline and Kayleen over for the weekend. So Nathan and I had only Allie and it seemed so easy and quiet with just her around. Friday night we went out to eat to the bookstore and Allie was in bed early since she took a short nap. On saturday morning we relaxed around the house and if you have seen my car lately I was embarrassed so I cleaned it out and it looks like a new van. We had someone to come babysit Allie for the afternoon and Nathan and I went shopping out to eat and went to watch the Pat. play and am excited they won. I now can officially root for the New Englanders. Sunday I went and meet Laura in Waco to pick the girls up and I heard all about apartment life. The Late night parties that her neighbor had and the life with a boyfriend. It is very funny to hear about all this from a 4 and 5 year old mind. I had some questions to ask Laura ha, ha. THey had fun and want to go visit Aunt Laura again so thank you for providing them a wonderful fun weekend. (sorry for misspellings)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Beautiful weekend

We have had a wonderful weekend!!! I got a call from Ira on friday he was wondering if they could come for Friday and saturday night. Of course I said we would love to have you and Ray to be with us this weekend. Nathan put them to work saturday and they helped him put the trampoline together. The girls jumped on it all afternoon yesterday and have been on it all afternoon today. THe weather has been in the 70's both days so it has been great weather to play in. It is suppose to be in the 60's the rest of the week so the girls will be excited to be outside and good time to have friends over. Next weekend Aunt Laura have offered for Caroline and Kayleen to come visit her so they are excited about that. Nathan and I are going furniture shopping and I am excited. Have a great week!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

WE had a very busy and fun holiday. The weekend before christmas Nathan and I took the girls to Branson, Mo. and stayed at Big Cedar LOdge. THe girls had lots to do, Santa read them a bedtime story, had breakfast with santa, one of his elves read them a story and then a gift in our room, wagon ride and hot chocolate, swimming, gingerbread house making, decorating sugar cookies and somemore I can not think about now. THen we came home on Sunday with lots more to do. Monday we spent the day with Nathans parents and his siblings and had christmas dinner with them. On Tuesday we spent christmas day with everyone at his grandparents house. For the next three days Nathan and Scott went deer hunting and I was at doctors office all three days. Allie now has her sling off!! YA! On saturday Nathan, the girls and I went to visit friends in Midland, Texas in the no where land. We had alot of fun and the girls played and played with their three Kids (Anthony and Cara Speer). Cara and I took the kids to the national park sand dunes and the girls loved sleeding down those hills. LOt of Fun!!! THe speers had everyone in their area over for new year and we were all suprised we stayed up until midnight. Next morning back home and to reality. THe girls are so excited to be back at school and it is nice to be back to normal. Hope everyone has a wonderful 2008.