Thursday, March 20, 2008

Very busy week

We have had a very eventful week! On Monday and Tuesday we had our special meeting worker visits,which was wonderful. On Tuesday night my girls decided to cut their hair, this was after putting them to bed. It was 10:30 and Kayleen came downstairs to tell me that Caroline had cut her hair. NO!!!! Caroline also tried to cut her own hair. The next day I had to take them to the beauty salon to have their hair corrected. What was Caroline thinking?!!!!

On Monday Kayleen says "I want to ride my bike with no training wheels" so we took the training wheels off and she rode her bike without the training wheels! She was very excited and Caroline had to prove that she could also ride her bike without training wheels and she did! They are growing up so fast. OOPS!! I believe I made a mistake and put pictures of Nathans hunting on here, sorry.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fun filled weekend

On Friday night we took the girls to Barnes and Noble for story time. They were able to wear their pj's and curious George came to visit. The girls loved it!! On Saturday they went to our neighbors indoor pool party and of course they were excited about going swimming. Nathan and I had a babysitter for the evening and went out to eat. Sunday afternoon was beautiful here so we went out to Nathan's parents place and rode the 4 wheeler around. Then went to the creek to let the girls throw rocks and sticks. They are ready to go camping with daddy down at their grandparents place. I almost forgot to mention that Friday morning we woke up to snow!!!! My girls went out to play in the snow but it was melted by 10:00 that morning. Hope to get pictures up soon. My camera broke and I need to get pictures from others. Have a great week!!! :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Georgia trip

These are some pictures from when I was in Georgia. We had a wonderful time.
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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Past two weekends

Sorry to say no pictures but hope to soon. Now I know I am not dumb and it is my computer and Kristen Coker can speak for me on this. It seemed like a hour that we sat on the phone trying to figure it out. Not the end of the day.
Last weekend Allie, Aunt Jane and I went to Georgia to surprise my dad for his birthday. My dad was very surprised to see us walk in the door thinking that my sister and her daughter were the only ones coming into town. Not only was it his birthday but us three girls, Mark's (my brother) and Allie's and Addison. We had a wonderful time being together for the weekend. Caroline and Kayleen stayed at home with daddy and it sounds like they had a great time.
Now this weekend. I went to the doctor on Thursday and found out that I had sinus and ear infection so our plans sounded great to me. Nathan and I had made plans for a dear loved babysitter to come stay with the girls Friday night and all day Saturday while we went into Dallas. I took advantage of the night away and went to bed early and slept in Saturday. Saturday morning went to the spa and then spent the afternoon shopping. I love shopping and of course if I can find shoes in the ladies department. Have a great week.