Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy Summer

This summer has gone by so fast. We have been very busy going to the pool and having friends over to play. We went to the rodeo last friday and the girls had so much fun. Great place to take the kids. This friday we are taking Caroline and Kayleen to six flags for the first time. They are excited and want to ride the big rides so we will see how it goes. This saturday we are having Nathan's birthday with his family. I am also potty training Allie which she seems to be doing good most of the days. Almost their and I am so excited. The girls school starts Aug. 18th so we need to enjoy the next couple of weeks. I am having surgery Aug. 15th and will not be able to do anything or lift anything for eight weeks. How much fun does that sound. So I will be getting lots of help with the girls. They found pre-cancer in my uterius so I am getting that removed. I am glad we found it early and know it will all be fine. Take care this week. Alison

Thursday, July 10, 2008

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Family trip

We have been very busy this summer. My family (Alison's) got together over the 4th and meet at a beach in forida. We had so much fun and hated to leave everyone. We already can not wait to get together again. The girls love to be with their cousins.