Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Fun Weekend

We had a very fun weekend. It has gotten chilly here and we have our gas fireplace working for the winter again. Friday night we turned the fire on and set on the floor to play games with the girls. On Saturday night Nathan and I had five other couples over for dinner and all the kids went to a babysitter. Our girls went with their grandparents and got to spend the night. Of course we got them after meeting. We had plenty of food to eat (of course I do not want anyone to go hungary) then we played several games. Alison had her camera out and ready but did not take pictures. THe girls were excited that some dessert was leftover so they could have some after lunch today. Kayleen melted my heart today by walking up to me to say she loves me and gave me a kiss. Caroline has been telling me that she will wear or do what I ask. Hope that keeps up!!! Anytime Allie is hungary she says I want lunch!!! It can be at breakfast, lunch, snack or supper and it is still "I want lunch". Hope you all have a great week!!
PS. Aunt Shelley, Caroline wants to know when is it going to snow here in Texas so she can build a snowman?

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ice Skating in Texas

A small town near us does a ice skate rink every year at this time of the year. The girls begged me to go so I took them this evening. THey had a blast and could have kept going. Now the ones from the North would be lauging at our ice skate rink because it is not ice but white plastic. THe girls basically could walk on it but they did not know the difference. On top of that it got up to 80 degrees here and their where kids in shorts and t-shirts ice skating. I put the girls to bed and Kayleen says her legs hurt so they did get a good workout. Maybe we can try real ice skating someday soon!!! Hope to post some pictures later when I get them.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thanksgiving in GA. and Allie's broken collar bone

We all had a wonderful time in Ga and the girls are already asking when are we going back to Papa and Nanny's. THey are ready for another trip to Ga and see all the cousins. Thanks for a wonderful time. Last Friday Allie decided to clime into the kitchen chair and did not set down correctly so she fell backward on the tile floor. She would not stop crying so off to the emergency room and of course a broken collar bone. A life with a 1 1/2 year old.