Wednesday, November 19, 2008

spoke too soon

I guess i spoke too soon. Caroline, Kayleen and I now have the stomache flu. The girls keep saying "this is no fun." I will agree with them. One person is left in the house so watch out Nathan. We are all just laying around. Hope none of you all get this it is bad. Take care


Mimi/Susan said...

Too bad! Maybe Nathan won't get know men are the biggest babies!LOL. By the way please ask me about that relish dish that you are going to know the one that used to be Mother's. I want you to take it home at X'mas.

Red Thread said...

Sorry to hear:o(! Get feeling better soon...Turkey Day is right around the corner. Hugs.

Mommabelle said...

Oh Dear! Hope you feel better soon!
I do hate the stomach flu! ARGHHH!